Buying a home is an exciting, albeit stressful, time. With the anxious desire to rush in and purchase what seems like the most valuable property with the best deal attached, it is always necessary to get a second opinion from a respected, licenced building inspections provider.

Precise Property Inspections is the premium provider of building inspections in Adelaide, and we would like to shed some light on the importance of receiving a third-party inspection on a property you are considering purchasing, as this could save you thousands of dollars in unwanted future repairs, not to mention the dishearten that comes with paying for these repairs.

Real Estate Agents Won’t Tell You About the Faults

We don’t want to sound like enemies of the real estate market, but let’s face it: a good real estate agent is one who can sell a home without having to tell the buyer about any flaws or faults in its structure.

They are incredibly good at informing the buyer of its strengths, elaborating on those strengths and making the buyer believe that the home is, in fact, flawless. However, this is the nature of their game, and before you know it you have been fooled into purchasing a property with need for near-endless repair.

Cracked slabs, rotting timber frames and ceiling leakage are just a few of the structural faults a real estate agent can easily ‘forget’ to mention to a homebuyer, and down the track you will find that your property requires thousands of dollars in structural repair. In worst case scenarios, and it’s a sad fact that this occurs, the whole structure will have to be torn down. You may not even have been looking to rebuild but if certain structural damage is allowed to further deteriorate without your knowledge, this is, unfortunately, the path you will be taking…

H2 Building Inspections Pick Out the Fault

 At Precise Property Inspections, Adelaide’s premier building inspections provider, we have the skills, experience and professionalism to ensure that the property you are considering purchasing is free from any faults such as structural damage, dodgy wiring or plumbing flaws.

With years of experience in the industry and a team of highly certified professionals on your side to ensure that your property is worth the purchase, and not one you will have to fork out thousands for in repairs somewhere down the track.

It is simply imperative in this day and age to have your home inspected by a third-party provider, so don’t hesitate to get in contact with Precise Property Inspections.