If you are a land lord planning to get in with the real estate or even of you are just looking for money, it is pretty hard to understand how to manage property right. Especially if you are a first-time land lord. Property management and doing it the right way is all about good communication, hard work and most importantly, transparency. But to start things off, here are some tips to help you out with everything under property management.

  • First, you need to know the place/ home. You need to make sure that all systems and facilities in the house are working well and have been maintained. The last thing you ever want happening is the system breaking down right as you rent the place. Of course, it’s not just going to cost you on the house but your entire business.


  • If you are planning on putting the property on short- term vacation rent, then I suggest you reinvest on the place with at least half of the income you gain oer year to keep it the place in shape. Do remember, the more it gets rented, the more the house gets used. So it is important that you reinvest in it.


  • If you are a newbie, I do suggest that you work with a good and experienced real estate agent. If you just hire some realtor to help you out, you may realize that the pay you give is in vain as there is no help. But if you do find an expert, they will not just understand your business but also advice you on things that could help you improve your business.

  • Your guests at your rental place, would not want to spend half of their time trying to figure out how to use the systems around the house. So I suggest you make it easy by creating a how to use instruction list on all the systems, from the TV to the A/V system. While you could create this instruction list alone, it could be risky as you are not much experienced. But if you do give it to a property management company they will go through every property and detail in perfectly.


  • You may need a good income, but you can’t exactly put prices that are way too high to a rental place, you need it to be more realistic on the prices. Do some research, compare the systems / facilities in your place and others and then put a price tag to the place.


Hope these tips actually help you out in your real-estate work. Good luck!